Leo Finance Oct 8th AMA & Timestamps (hidden by YouTube)

So one of the Tube's newest features is blocking time stamps. even though they contain no harmful topics or links. These guys.

I wonder if the comments have to be manually unhidden by the channel admin?

Managed to get a screen capture when posted them so we can at least know what was covered and you can manually skip to the desired section if you like:

Leo Finance AMA  Oct 8th.png

There was a nice little freestyle random section at the end which reminded me of the roundtables with Rolland. Maybe time to bring them back?

I would also like to point out that not all questions are being addressed.

There was a question from Itsmemario on whether Khal likes Platypuses, lol.

Anyway. Thanks @khaleelkazi @nealmcspadden and @scaredycatguide for doing this every week.

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