"It's nothing but a souped up version of the flu" - Rewatching Stephen King's The Stand


The so called super flu does not exist.

The above and the quote in the title of this write up are two lines taken from a mini series I started (re)watching, yesterday night.

I watched some more of it this night.

Now is it a coincidence that my hand picked this title from a chest filled with over 200 DVD's? I doubt it.
I didn't remember what it was about.

The Stand ( 1994 ), is a mini series, based on a book by Stephen King. The book was first published in 1978.

I used to love King's work. First I devoured many of his books - in my early teens - and then, from my mid teens onward, I was fascinated by the movie / television adaptations of his novels.


I wonder how many people can stand ( pun intended ) to watch this series in this day and age, mainly because of its main theme:

a deadly virus / pandemic.

I struggled a little with the start. It hit home. It felt a lot like the craziness the world has been going through in the last two years or so but then in extremis.
With a way deadlier virus and, as a result of this, total anarchy and chaos. Very postapocalyptic .

After watching the first hour or so, I managed to shake off this feeling of unease and I just immersed myself into the ( not so ) fictional world created for the screen.

The fact that The Stand transforms into a story that mainly focuses
on the interpersonal relationships between the characters - and less and less on the virus itself - sure helped. Hadn't that been the case, it's likely that I would have decided to watch something else instead.

It still is pretty strange to watch this right now.

A year ago, or possibly even a couple of months back, I probably wouldn't have been able to endure this, let alone enjoy it.

Right now it isn't that enjoyable either but it still fascinates me, in a way.

Especially to see the parallels between the world's current state and the plot and story of The Stand.

Stephen King either was a visionary or he has been one of the writer's scripting our present life...

Let me end this with another quote from The Stand that struck me. Something I have been asking myself over and over again, since 2020:

It's so weird... How can we all be having the same dream like this?

both pics are screenshots taken from my TV. The first one shows a transition between scenes, from a quarantine zone to a 🏀 court, the second the DVD menu.

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