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Author: @risckylu

[ENG | SPN] Game Of Thrones War Analysis of the spectacular but convenient battle of King's Landing Chapter

There is no doubt that Games of Thrones will be one of the most remembered television series in history, its influence is indisputable. I had already read the first book of this saga which bears the name of the series and when I found out that HBO would make a series based on this saga of books my feelings were a mixture of amazement, excitement and disbelief because I wondered how they were going to adapt certain points of the story.



The Big Sleep 1946 Review

The Big Sleep has everything that the cinema of the 40s had, a detective who can get out of the crowd with inborn black humor and sarcasm, a climate so heavy that it can be cut with a knife and an extremely interesting plot.



[ENG - ESP] Initiative : 3 LGTBIQ+ Characters that are your Favorites

Hi Hive readers! I've been tagged in a new initiative that I couldn't pass up because it's a perfect excuse to talk about characters that I love, this time I'll talk about three LGTBIQ characters that are my favorites.



THE SEASONING HOUSE a horror story from real life [ENG/ESP]

The Seasoning House (2012) classified as a drama/horror/thriller, directed by Paul Hyett, starred by Rosie Day, Kevin Howarth and Sean Pertwee. Also, there is a character very important to the plot, portrayed by Dominique Provost-Chalkley, an actress which I'm a big fan of now, and the reason I originally wanted to watch the movie. The director has a past in make-up and scenography and it shows in the amazing photography, you can feel how gross is there.



Review "Despite Everything" : The Spanish Romantic Comedy [ENG - ESP]

Spain has brought to theaters countless cinematic gems, which have brought a huge amount of fans worldwide. That's why when I read the title of this movie I didn't hesitate to watch it, Netflix has a good streak of Made in Spain movies so this was not going to be the exception but....I better not tell you much, discover it for yourselves through these lines.



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