Exceptional, Free guy (2021) Movie Review.


Free guy (2021) is one of the best video game movies I have seen. I call it exceptional because the movie itself was well portrayed and if you are a fan of video game movies, you will be impressed.

Free guy is a science fiction action comedy that was directed by Shawn Levy who is famous for the movies he directed like Cheaper by the Dozen(2003), The Internship (2013), Date night (2010) and many Others that I can't mention here. I think the director is known to direct fantastic comedies because most of his movies are comedies. In this movie, he did a fantastic job with the action and stunts scenes. The story of the movie was by Matt Lieberman and it has five producers in which the starring actor Ryan Reynolds is part of.

The companies involved with the production and distribution did a very fantastic job. The production was excellent, images, filming techniques and the 3D effects used to portray the game world were superb.


In every video game, there is always a Non-player character, who is just there to keep repeating programmed routines to satisfy the real players. Ryan Reynolds (Guy) is a Non-play character in a video game called free city. Amidst his regular programmed route, Guy evolved wanting to have his own life, to be able to do anything he wants and to be able to make decisions by himself not by programmed algorithms or codes. He evolved when he met the girl of his dreams, Molotov Girl (Millie), not knowing she was the one who created him and the world he lived in.



Millie gave him a tough time by asking him to go level up before he could speak to her. Guy took up the challenge, and leveled up and they both worked together. Did a lot of activities and along the way, Guy told Millie that he has deep affections for her thereby asking her if he could kiss her. After that Millie and Guy form a strong bond together. Millie finally realized that Guy was an ordinary NPC but the very first Artificial Intelligence.



Guy's world is about to be destroyed by Antwan who is the person responsible for buying/stealing the video game from Millie and Keys. He was angry that players around the world were fascinated by Guy and how he has evolved. So Millie and Guy worked together to make sure Guy's world was not wiped out. Did they succeed? Did guy save his world? I guess you find out when you watch the movies.


My Opinion and Rating.
I wasn't expecting that this movie would be so amazing until I watched it. I was impressed with every part of the movie. I have watched a lot of video games movies but this particular one is off the hook.

The story was well written, and well built based on actual facts and it is very creative. Matt Lieberman did a good job with the story. How he built his character was with emotion and eye opening. It opened the eyes of viewers into the world of computer programming.

The cast did well. They were extraordinary and they put all their best. My favorite characters are Guy and Millie. Those two have a good bond. I am always fascinated with the video game world, so watching this movie made me love it. The way they switched in between real life and the video game life was done in a delectable way. The sense of humor of all the characters there was Lol! Just so funny.

The effect used in the movie was amazing. I watched this movie using a 3D feature and it was a thrilling experience for me. I would recommend you do the same. All the action scenes were well acted with so much passion. Antwan ( Taika Waititi) is one character I dislike in this movie. He dispensed a lot of energy that wasn't required for his role and kept me rolling my eyes all through his scenes. I am rating this movie at 4. 5 stars. It was a job well done.

I hope you do check out the movie. Thank you for visiting my blog.🤗

Images are all taken from the movie itself

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