Black Widow is 13 years too late. And Scarlett Johansson should be suing for more!

One of the deadliest spies, with the prettiest eyes, and a cunning assassin. That is Black Widow, real name Natalia Romanoff. If you thought Hawkeye and Falcon were the underdogs for being portrayed such lamely in the MCU and not being given their own stand-alone movie, boy are you going to feel worse for Black Widow.

Even if I am marveled at Marvel's unsynchronized timeline of their movies, the Black Widow was released into theatres in one of the worst timelines of the MCU itself. MCU is way over standalone, origins, and even supporting story movies. They are pretty much even done with the global-threat era of the MCU. Why is the standalone for Natalia coming only now?


I am actually baffled by the ratings over at Rotten Tomatoes. The $200 million movie bagged an 81% tomatoemeter and a 92% audience score. I can't help but think there is some foul play there. Or all the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are done by the fans of Yelena's quirkiness and Black Widow's skintight catsuit.

This movie may have been the MCU's worst attempt at introducing us to the next-gen MCU heroes. At the cost of Black Widow's character, we are introduced to Yelena, Natalia's sister, who is given the most limelight and a powerful role.


The IMDB ratings are much more accurate compared to the ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. However, I personally feel that the rates are still very inflated. Even after the movie has been released for quite some time now. The popularity is swiftly dropping with it already dropping a few ranks. The movie bagged a 6.9 at IMDB and it is all thanks to the preexisting hype of the MCU and the Black Widow character.

The movie does gap the spaces and gives us an insight into what Black Widow was up to in the time between her disappearing from the Avengers and the comeback in Avengers Endgame. If we do go by this movie, she was being tormented and torn between getting her family back and fighting mediocre villains while everybody around her cracked lame jokes about the men at Avengers.

Metacritic has by far the most accurate ratings. Giving the movie a 67 metascore and a user score of 5.9. I am quite happy by these numbers, it reflects the movie very accurately.


In the movie, we are introduced to Taskmaster. Does anybody remember Taskmaster from the comics? Now look at the Taskmaster in the Black Widow standalone. Did you have a good chuckle? I thought so. Black Widow defeats Taskmaster with the secret Naruto weapon: The power of friendship and talking your way out of trouble.

The movie really made Taskmaster seem incredibly underwhelming, not to mention weak. Taskmaster brushed through iron man, hulk, and even Captain America. And now "her" weakness is soothing words? Come on! Oh yeah btw, Taskmaster is played by Olga Kurylenko. Which I likey likey!

The movie was incredibly disappointing. The storyline was weaker than a twig, the protagonist is underplayed and feels very mediocre, the entire movie is based around ending Black Widows's timeline and introducing the MCU to new characters who felt very underwhelming and not enjoyable at all. Dreykov, who is the untouchable, unfundable, unbeatable monster of a human is given a total of maybe 7ish minutes of screen time. Not to mention in the movie he is more of a sheep hiding and braying at every moving lint flying in the air.


The movie has had its share of troubles from the beginning. It was postponed quite a few times. Finally, it releases to the theatres with a $200 million budget but still looked like a movie from 2008 with limited sources and very rushed. Outdated, and poorly finished.

Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over distribution. As deserved as it is, she should also be suing for how poorly made the movie turned out and also how outdated it looks. I strongly am against recommending this movie to anyone.


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