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Coming soon to Patreon subcscribers only: The Succubus Power-Up Episode! I leave the rest to your imagination.

So let me explain those Power Level numbers. If you look at the Supporting Cast page, it ranks the various Justice Rangers between Power Levels 10 (Black Bat) to 15 (Amazon). This is keeping pretty much in line with the Power Levels as shown in the DC Adventure Game using the Mutants & Masterminds system as developed by Green Ronin in conjunction with DC Comics (meaning the stats are legit). Power Level 15 is pretty much the cap for DC heroes in the game (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam are all PL 15). Any other beings that are more powerful are usually hand-waved as Power Level X, meaning they are not intended to be defeated by normal means. This would be your various cosmic beings and such. In the entire DC Universe Heroes and Villains roster, there is only one PL 18 being, that being The Specter (and for those familiar with the character you are nodding your heads saying “Oh, yeah, I get that…”

So, all that to say, Succubus is very powerful right now. Powerful enough that she maybe could have taken down the other four Justice Rangers like Superior Man did, but still not as powerful as the S-Man. What the heck will it take to defeat him? Find out in a few more episodes of Kickman!

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