Java Jaguar 227

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Maybe I shouldn't be condoning Java's catnip habit. He could very well be staying in that dumpster for the next few days between naps and munchies. And who knows what would happen to the poor Department of Sanitation worker that tries to empty that dumpster.

As a side note: I am in the process of compiling Java Jaguar strips beginning from #1 into a paperback book. I'm not sure how many pages it'll be or what the final cost will be or when I'll finish since I'm re-drawing some of the old strips. But be sure to buy a bunch for all your friends this Christmas season! In fact, you can buy some for your Frenemies, too. You can take the extra effort to write their name into one of the blank spaces for a patented JAVA BURN(tm), like in Episode 90.

I'll be sure to make a big announcement when the books are available. Unlike when I totally dropped the ball and made no announcement at all for Kickman's 300th page a couple of weeks ago.

Also, I'll just leave this here:

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