Night life in Bangkok, Thailand

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Hello Hive Friends,
This time I will share about my trip to Thailand. I did part 1 already that represented the temples in Thailand, aside from the Chao Phraya river. In this post, I will share my experience at the night markets in Bangkok and some places that have been recommended. This place is Asiaque which combined between night market and mall together and turned into this unique model. This place is really huge, and you can buy many things here. Because it is located next to a large commercial area, also owns hundreds of stalls with a diverse range of fashion brands. Even people who are not "addicted" to shopping are drawn to Asiatique by its unique riverside location. Actually, I came here because my friend said that we can join the Loi Krathong Festival in Asiatique, which is one of the places in Bangkok that celebrate it.

This is what I expected since my friend told me about what we would see on our trip to Bangkok.
However, I did not see any signal that the festival will celebrate here. 😅 After kept asking around, my friend admitted that we came here on the wrong day and event the festival passed already. Although we felt so sorry about this, this place was so beautiful at night and the view was fantasy. Since you can have your dinner and enjoy the river view where boats and music were playing there. In Asiatique, you can also enjoy the view of the whole city and capture an image of Bangkok at night in the over of riverbank. And experience the 61-meter-high Ferris wheel that will be unforgettable. You can enjoy the street performances and live music here, then many delicious dishes here are waiting for you, from western dishes to Thai dishes.
Don't worry about the transportation, always have a free shuttle departs from the pier every ten minutes for Asiatique. Therefore, you don't need to buy any tour to visit the Chao Phraya river, you can get the free tour this way.

This is the view of Bangkok at night from Baiyoke Sky. You can use the telescope in Baiyoke Sky to observe the city from the high of 304 meters.


If you came to Bangkok, you could not miss the markets here. There are many famous markets in Bangkok like Chatuchak, Pratunam, Floating market... Not only visitors but also Thai people come here to enjoy the delicious food and shopping. If you are a visitor and want to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, you can come here and choose the lovely items at a good price. I came to Pratunam so suddenly and in a version of the night market. If you want to buy clothes, you better go here at day. That really reminded me about the night market in Taiwan, a hundred yummy street foods and the smell from food stalls that make you have to stop by and try. It was really coincident because we did not plan to go there soon like that. Because we just discovered this night market opposite the Baiyoke Sky where we were having our dinner there, we directly came there after finishing our dinner with no hesitation. And you must try the pomegranate juice here, it was yummy and good for health. There are plenty of halal restaurants along Petchburi Road since Pratunam Market is close to Darul Aman Mosque. So there are a lot of choice for visitors when come here.
This market is opened 7 days a week, in the morning you can find a variety of Thai dishes such as pad Thai, tom yam and Thai milk tea (I love this one so much). It is also possible to find local dishes like Thai curry noodles and spicy papaya (som tam) salad and Pad Thai. For me, those foods are easy to find anywhere here. Just different from the flavor At night, there is the food stalls along the street and also many traditional Thai food are sold here.
Just few days in Bangkok but I was really fun and hope you get back there again to visit places that I missed due to the lack of time.
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Thank you so much for reading my post.
Have a good day!

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