The magic of Sardinia [Photo documentary] Ep.2: Dreaming in Paradise Coast


“"Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.”


What is #heaven? Have you ever wondered? Some people think it's a place where we relive all the best memories of our lives, some people think it's the promise that we can be happy and enjoy forever.
I don't agree with either interpretation, heaven is not a promise, it is not something in the future, it is not even something that is outside of us.
Paradise is here and now and we experience it every time we are at peace and in #awareness with ourselves, there are few moments when we manage to reach this state of mind, I experienced one of these situations right on the second stop of my trip to #Sardinia, when (irony of fate) I went in this place called Costa Paradiso. let's take a step backwards 😁

The journey


We left in Valledoria, (if you haven't read the post I put the link below):

Previous post of Valledoria: /@will91/the-magic-of-sardinia-photo-documentary-ep1-a-walk-in-the-beautiful-valledoria





In this town I was staying in a beautiful resort as you see in the picture, it is called Marina Manna Club Village, and is a very quiet place, surrounded by nature, it even has a private pine forest that takes you directly to Valledoria beach, below some photos of the Village.

The trip from Valledoria to Costa paradiso is not so long:

Schermata 2021-09-22 alle 08.19.17.png

Costa Paradiso is a tract of coastline located north of the island, it takes the name "Paradiso" (in English: Paradise) because it is really a unique place in the world, a real paradise: characterized by crystal clear water and high red rocks between which stand out small rocky beaches where many species of animals and plants live.
There are 3 famous big beaches:

  • Li Tinnari,
  • Li Cossi,
  • Le Sorgenti,

And than some little coves in the coast that form small "private" beaches, the most famous are:

  • Li Tamerici,
  • Le Baiette.

Let's go to see this coast and it's beauties!

Schermata 2021-09-22 alle 08.18.12.png

Editor's note: All of the #photographs in this post were taken by me, and are an exclusive content posted on #Hive social for #HaveYouBeenHere community and #Pinmapple.



These are a few photos of the beautiful valley you see along the way, one of the particular things about Sardinia is that wherever you move you have to deal with large elevation changes, and when you are at the highest points the views are breathtaking.




Among the various points of interest that are spread across the island, there is a lot of driving in the middle of the countryside, the countryside is well kept: there is not a blade of grass that is messy.

We arrive in Costa Paradiso


To get to the beaches you have to cross a village with various tourist services, accommodations and stores that sell everything you need.

Editor note: I recommend buying a pair of rubber shoes for the rocks because the rocks are very hard and jagged and also quite slippery (I did not buy them... and my feet hated me for several days).



This is the beautiful panorama that welcomes you when you arrive at Costa Paradiso.
As you can see from the photos there are many beaches where the red color of the rocks stands out on the deep blue sea ... let's see them up close!







The closer you get to the water the more the blue starts to take on the emerald green hues characteristic of Sardinian water, it's a gorgeous color! I think it's one of the most amazing views I've been able to see on this trip.




Three views of "le sorgenti".


A particular kind of desert rose I found in a private garden, it's beautiful.


Some other shots of the coast, it was very warm and I stayed a lot in the water this day.



My two favorite shots of this day, from which you can get a close-up view of a beach in which I rested for a while, surrounded by colours and nature and fantastic water.
I even found an octopus that unfortunately I couldn't photograph.


One last shot of the wind-rounded rocks, characteristic of this fantastic place.

As you can see I always try to take photos without people in the picture, so as to give the idea of how beautiful the unspoiled landscape is.

Editor note: I strongly recommend you to visit these beautiful places in the months of May, June or September.
These small beaches, during the most touristic months of July and September are very crowded, it is difficult to find parking and enjoy the view.
The advantage is that it is warm here from May to October.


If there is something I will remember very pleasantly about this second stage of my trip to Sardinia it is the colors I saw.
Costa Paradiso offers an uncontaminated natural environment where you can admire unique colors! Believe me... It is almost impossible to render those colors perfectly in photos, it would be difficult even if you had the most professional camera in the world (if you have one, I advise you not to take it on the rocks since sometimes they are very difficult to cross).

So, if you ever happen to be in this paradise on earth, I suggest you stop for a moment, concentrate on your breath and open your eyes... What you are experiencing is a unique moment: try to admire every colour, feel the wind blowing on your skin and the smell of the sea, the taste of salt on your lips,... the sound of waves breaking on the rocks... Only in this way will you be sure to remember that fantastic moment forever.

And you? Did you know Costa Paradiso? Have you ever visited a heavenly place like this?

--- C O S T A P A R A D I S O <3 ---


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