New Zealand-True Kiwi Experiences- P1: Castlepoint & Cape Palliser

I spent 8 months of my working hoiliday living in the lovely south of New Zealand and 6 months in the north. I had a great oppotunity to explore many stunning locations ❤️

Today, I would love to recommend the spectacular Castlepoint Lighthouse and Cape Palliser that I visited around this time a couple of years ago.

1.Castlepoint Lighthouse

We took a road trip from Wellington to Castlepoint by car (5 hours round trip). The weather was rainy and foggy when we drove up to the hill; however, the views upon arrival were absobutely worth it. We did have fun even in the bad weather.


No fitness required 😀 and an easy, gentle walk up to the lighthouse with the most fabulous views of the coastline. 😆
There are plenty of places to hang out around there. Although I didn't have the opportunity see the sunrise, I was told the views are breathtaking. So, stay a while if you have the time. 😇

2 .Cape Palliser


252 Steps to the top to get the views to die

Please, try not to laugh at me when I'm going to tell you my story here. I was extremely excited at first and you can see fresh me in the photo before climbing up to the top. But when I reached the top, I got really faint 🤣 and gasp for breath. What a Shame 🙃 I thought I was going to die and I told my friend I need a helicopter to take me back to Wellington :))

The climb is really steep and you need to take time climbing a lot to see a fantastic view on top. A must see. If I have a chance to go back here I will still want to climb up 😂



You will withness many fatty, lazy and lovely seals 😀 around the lighthouse and along the way driving as well. They are all kind and kute. They make the area a real picture of New Zealand- true kiwi experience. Love it 💙

View taken on the way back to Wellington

After a half day of travelling from Wellington, we was reawarded with those gorgeous lighthouses and stunning costline- just like a picture.

There were many nice scenes on the road and the drive was outstanding.
You have to take a trip here

A wonderful excursion and great option if you want to get a short trip out of Wellington

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