Grand Trunk Trip - Middle of Mother Nature!

Sometime, it's better to start enjoying the weekend from a day before than usual. Our long road trip was due since long, and when we get a chance of hitting the road, we didn't wasted a time. In fact to tell the craziness, I put off from my home in just shorts and flip flop, putting all other stuff I our baggage. And to add to our craziness, we get a clear sky after 10 days of bad weather...


I was so excited that I started clicking all shorts of picture from the moment we hit the national highway, all call it old Grand Trunk - GT Road (click to know about 2500 years old history). This route was used to an important route for trade during pre independence. Not it is well maintained.
Moreover that the scenic beauty surrounding the entire region is making our trip more memorable.


Thanks to National holiday as the nation is celebrating Vishwakarma Puja (click to read post by @sanjeevm), we didn't get much traffic on the road. Still, few of the heavy loaded vehicle zoomed pass. One thing is important while travelli the on these road is to have good control. Being one of the busiest route in India, connecting many cities from East to North, you may find many errands drivers. But luckily my nephew take it easily on the steering.


The region where I have been living is one of the abundant source of natural resources. So we can expect many green zone all around. So dense jungle, hilly look by the road side are common sighting.


For a moment, we thought to stop and take some snaps. However, as we have long distance to travel whi h is around 300Km, we leave the though and keep moving. Being a tribal belt, we were suppose to reach our destination before dusk.


To avoid getting tired in such long trip, it is very important to keep taking short trip in the way. And while you were travelli gbthroigh the national highway, you will find many little shops selling Chips and water and many road side eateries.
Best way to make longbtrip ease is to avoid and be on light stuff, so our first halt was a little shop selling water and tea

As we ran out of our home without much preparation, we bought few bottles of minerL water and also refresh with tea. Sipping through those mud glasses.

As we continue on the road, we get pass many local markets, being a festive day, there is little colourful stalls, selling festive stuffs.


India is vibrant with many things, so we happen to pass through an area called Chauparan which is very famous for sweet called Kheer Mohan. It has so much popularity that you will fine many shops on the road one after the another. Wooi g customers to take some for hoke or wait and taste in that area.


We did tried it at one place, which were quite buzzing, but couldn't took picture as they were many rush. And we again Mar hung ahead on our destination. Playing a cat & mouse game on the busiest road with other vehicle. Risk of driving on this road is such thatbwe have seen many dead bodies. Few wild animals who give up life after coming out from jungle. And also few humans. In fact one of them was worst that the entire human bodies was ran away by a truck mutilating entire human body.


We were feeling quite sad seeing the cost of human and animals life. However we have to pick up our mood , afterall we were on the road after a long time. And what could be better than nature. Nature is a great healer and sends us good vibes to lift our mood, and rightly so, the scenic beauty helps us rejuvenate our trip.


Well no trip is incomplete, without some issues. And how could our trip remain out of it. We had an urgent call from home, to meet someone on the way. A distant aili relative. What used to to be a comfy trip in shorts and flip flop, made me to change the cloth midway on our trip. And craziness allow me to change on the road side.


This is how our long road trip unfolding with some twist and tales....will keep you posted about more....keep waiting...there is more on the weekend special. And also many things to cover in our sudden travel adventure.

300KM ride a very memorable. This GT Road has an old history of 2500 years .and we explored a little bit of it. Hope you enjoyed the little yet long road trip.


Namaste @steemflow

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