Fairy Tales in the Park

I was really surprised to see that there are so few points in Pinmapple from this wonderful city of Burgas.
And I'll start with perhaps the most unexpected object in this city. But an object that, along with all the other wonderful and beautiful places, caught my attention in a special way and even made me show it to you, after taking so many pictures of it -

The Fairy Tales Wall in the Sea Garden:




When I was a child, we played on unsafe and unmaintained playgrounds on rough, rusty swings, slides and climbing frames with questionable safety.



Everything seemed unsuitable for children. It was adapted, but for little soldiers who fell and got up, smashed their noses, lips, and heads, but got up and kept trying to come up with some interesting game on the boring and uninteresting playground.
It was somehow difficult for us as children. As if no one thought of us.


And so, walking in the Sea Garden - a place that takes a few days to walk around and mark all its interesting places - I come across this magical place, which immediately caught my attention.
Almost with envy.😄



Because there were no princes and princesses at my time. There were no fairies and castles, there were no such interesting activities that capture and develop children's imagination.





Well, there is already. And one of these places is here - in the huge Sea Garden of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities, I can even say the most beautiful.


I tried to avoid taking pictures of the children who were on the playground as much as possible, but I think you can imagine how happy they were coming here and playing in this magical place.


Next to it there is a pool with a fountain, which in the summer certainly functions and completes this place. Because, where without water, when we talk about fairy tales and magic?




Now, outside the summer tourist season is not maintained, does not function and looks a little sad.


But I can imagine what it looks like in the summer.
And how the whole space around is full of children's voices and noise, as well as calm parents sitting and talking around.🙂

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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