Share Our World: Dead Horse State Park

What a cool State Park! We were in Southern Utah see the National Parks I am so glad that @jarvie took us to other cool places like Goblin Valley and Dead Horse State Park.

Just look at the geology! @eolinde what do you think?

Dead Horse State Park

For one of the #photogames I had people tell a story about why it is called Dead Horse State Park. Here is a link to that post if you are as interested in the name as I am.

This is the first view you see coming from the parking lot.

There is a trail that goes along the canyon's edge.

Hiking trails

We did the very easy and mostly paved rim trail and went from the visitor Center around to the Rim Overlook. I considered it more walking than hiking. Hey this map says hiking trials!

Got a cool retro picture of Kimberly.


What is potash? That is a question I was asking myself too. This place made me very curious!
For another @photogames I hosted I had people guess what the shiny thing was in the distance.

What is it Wednesday

@derekkind answered and linked a awesome video. I would suggest it if you would like to learn about potash and how it is mined in the desert of Utah.


My awesome traveling companions

Jodi and I posing

Plants along the trail

Dead Horse Point

While there are places to look out on the trail this area had a great lookout area. Can you see the horse?

Kimberly making or fixing the cairn

The landscape where we were walking back to the parking lot.

Dead Horse State Park is a great stop if you are going to Canyonlands and Arches.

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