Share Our World: Arches National Park overview

This is the last in my Southern Utah 2021 series.

Arches National Park was originally named a national monument in 1929 and then in 1971 it was redesignated a national park. Out of the three that we went too- Canyonlands, Capital Reef and Arches is is the most popular with over a million visitors per year. 1

Let's start with one of my favorite posts from the series Arches National Park in Black and White.

As I was editing the pictures I realized that many of them would like great in Black and White.

We went on many hikes and saw a lot of is called Arches National Park for a reason!

Windows area

Windows Trail Hike is a great hike with north and south windows and Turret Arch all within a mile of each other.

Double Arch

Double Arch Hike is on the other side of the parking lot from the windows area and was on of my favorite hikes. If you look closely you can see the scale of the arches compared to the people climbing in it.

Some more great views in the windows area

Delicate Arch
The most popular hike in Arches is Delicate Arch. I am so happy I finally got to see

I didn't realize it was in this cool amphitheater.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue was our first stop in Arches and next time I would like to do that hike too. Just seeing the sheer cliffs was very cool too.

From our drive through the park.

Getting our picture at the sign before going into the park (Jodi, me and Scotty)

What a great place! I would love to go again and explore more.

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