Why structure of houses in Assam is different from rest of Indian states

I have travelled to many Indian states like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjub, J&k, and Delhi. one thing i noticed is the constuction of houses in those states are very much different from what i have been seeing for my entire life in Assam. I mostly saw RCC(Reinforced Cement Concrete) houses in those states with J&k being a bit different type of construction. I was curious to know the reason behind it and after some researching in google i came to know about some hard reasons.

The root behind its construction lies deep into the time of British India. This construction was first introduced by British engineers with their knowledge of modern science. This construction is now known as Assam type construction. Wherever you go in Assam, you will definately find this types of houses in each corner.

The structure of this house is rectangular with roof being triangular in shape. It can be one of more than one storeys. plastered buildings are much common in cities but when you move away from the cities towards rural area you will find Assam type houses made with bamboo and plastered with mud. Even some administrative buildings, courts, hospitals and educational institues are designed the same way. Some pictures are shown below-----

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This type of design is implemented in my house too.

IMG_20200620_131545_HDR_(2)-2_1607867994844_1607868003843 (2).jpg
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There is also a scientific reason behind the construction of such houses. The state of Assam falls under seismic zone and this construction helps reduce the impact and destruction caused by Earthquake. This design is build to be earthquake proof. It can be made from bamboo and wood to steel and concrete


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That's all for now, always remember to be grateful for you are alive and well. See you on my next post. Shukriya


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