Travel Digest #1275


Hello everyone! This is @ybanezkim26 and I'll be presenting today's edition of #TravelDigest in behalf of @livinguktaiwan. In our featured posts, we have an old town in Turkey, a park in North Macedonia, and a hike in a mountain in Bulgaria. Enjoy and have a great weekend ahead!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Exploring Antalya Old Town - Every City Has a Story - Kaleiçi Turu (English - Turkish) by @damla

I wanted to share with you a legend about the founding of Antalya, which has been told since ancient times. According to the legend, the king Attalos II gives his servants the following task: "Go and find me paradise on earth!" The horsemen set off from the city called Pergamon at that time, and Bergama today. They search everywhere. They travel to many places to find a beautiful place their king will love. Finally, they arrive at a stunning place at the foot of high mountains, with its turquoise sea and breathtaking cliffs. The people of Pergamon, delighted with their discovery, immediately returned to their kingdom and conveyed the good news to Attalos. The king sets out and when he reaches the place his servants found, he falls in love with the beauty of this place and decides to build a city here. He built a city surrounded by walls on the sea side. It is called "Attelia" in honor of the king. Over time, this name becomes Adalya and then Antalya.

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🥈 Travel in North Macedonia - Beautiful Ohrid 😍 by @mihaela.popova

This is the monastery of St. Naum. First I have to clarify that this is not just a monastery, but a whole huge complex. The trip to the complex itself was extremely pleasant, as there were incredible views of the lake. Lake Ohrid is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula and is located on the border between Albania and North Macedonia. It is really very beautiful and everyone should visit it. Here is photo from the trip to the complex.

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🥉 Summiting 5 peaks in one day / 15 hours and 50 km circle route in Rila Mountain / Monologue Speech by @velinov86

Last weekend was very interesting for me and my Friends as we tried something new. We made a circle route starting from one point traversing a good part of Rila mountain (which is very big) and returning back to the same place. We also managed to ascend not 1 or 2 peaks but 5 and counting as there were also small and medium peaks before the highest ones. This logically meant that the hike will be long and tiring but we wanted to test ourselves. And we did it. It was incredible. We had one of our best sunsets in an epic panoramic place with stunning views and had to descend for 3 hours in pitch dark overcoming yet another challenge.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Coast, Gibraltar, Spain by @abrahambd1
  • Hike, Hrabusice, Slovakia by @photoparadise
  • Mini Desert, Hiiumaa, Estonia by @greddyforce
  • National Park, Zion, Utah, USA by @plint
  • Castle, Vasteliina, Estonia by @trumpikas
  • Urbex, Huddersfield, UK by @slobberchops
  • Urbex, Hara Bay, Estonia by @grindle
  • Chocolatary, Shibuya, Japan by @rt395
  • Hiking, Carpathian, Ukraine by @zirochka
  • City, Gyor, Hungary by @sokoloffa
  • Beach, Maule, Chile by @nisidc

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