Travel South America by Bus! You won't regret it!

When Covid is finally over......I'll recommend you travel through South America by bus! Why? Because the buses in South America are amazing.Seriously if you've only experienced the horrible conditions of North American buses you won't understand the awesomeness of buses in South America

I got a chance to try the new Cruz Del Sur CONFORT suite bus, and it was pretty sweet.

The thing about geography is that South America is large! It doesn't look so large on a paper map. But some of my rides were like 18 hours. Yes that's a long time.

But if you're a digital nomad like me, you have the time and don't mind the scenic route.

Taking a plane is faster, but not only is it more expensive. Taking a budget plane that takes 6 hours (2 hours get there ahead of time, 3 hour flight, 1 hour to get off the flight, through customs and a cab to your new apartment) vs 18 hours on a super comfortable bus. 

I'll take a bus anytime


If you hate watching videos, like I do at times here’s the key points.

  • It’s worth it
  • Bring a jacket/poncho. It gets cold. You might even want to use your travel towel for a little more warmth. They do give you a mini blanket to use though
  • Bring a sleep mask
  • Bring a lockable suitcase. Never just throw it into the top part or on the floor. I'd recommend a cable lock, like a bike lock so you can chain the bag to part of your seat.
  • Bring noise cancelling headphones. You'll be surrounded by onboard tv/music and other passengers
  • Pick a seat ahead of time. You can do this way ahead of time, don't scramble last minute
  • Do not pick a seat in the back, normally I'd say take one in the back, but it's better to get one up front
  • Bring food. They give you food for the ride, but you might want snacks and such
  • Seriously, spend the extra cash and ride comfort class. You'll have a great trip. 


$50 USD for a first class trip!
$50 USD for a first class trip!

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