BBQ and Why I Love the Philippines!

I love the Philippines, especially Cebu? Have you been there. Cebu is one of my favorite places in South East Asia. To fall in love with Cebu, all you need is to go to the port.

The port is amazing!
The port is amazing!

Once you get to the port, grab a boat, and go see the famous beaches and areas around it.

Beautiful beaches are everywhere but my favorite? North Sandbar. This is a little spit of beach which only appears in low tide.

When your boat gets there you get are literally walking on a piece of beach that only exists during that time of day. The rest of the time it's deep underwater.

Nobody else around for miles, just you, your friends and the sea and sun. It's my idea of what a tropical paradise looks like.

Nobody trying to sell you anything, no other tourists. Just peace and the ocean.

Do be careful to bring sunscreen though, and keep applying. I forgot and turned into lobster boy!

After a day in the sun, Cebu is a perfect place to go home and chill.

I'll usually grab some delicious BBQ for dinner.

80 cents for a meal!
80 cents for a meal!

Cooked over coals, the road side food stands in Cebu make delicious BBQ. The meat is usually chicken or pork. You can get skewers of meat, organ meats and sometimes chicken heads. The marinade on the chicken and pork are amazing. 

The places I saw were a little different from the hot dog cart style I’ve seen elsewhere. It seems like people in Cebu will open their main floor of their homes and turn it into a little restaurant. They open a few hours for lunch and dinner, then close back up. You’ll see little shops/homes selling everything from BBQ, to deep fried cinnamon bananas.

I love how industrious the people of the Philippines are! And it's great getting to know your neighbors. They all meet at the houses, have some bbq head to the next house, get some dessert. 

If we all did this around the world, it would be so fantastic for the local economy. Imagine, if you didn't feel like cooking, and your neighbor was grilling some ribs in the garage next door. That's what it feels like in Cebu.

A beautiful town with awe inspiring beaches, not too busy, and great wifi.

Will I go back after Covid? 100 percent!

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