Try Running at Cirebon Square

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A while ago, I visited Cirebon, West Java. I see there's a new face from this city. According to the information I've been compiled, this place has just been rebuilt. And just finished at the beginning this year.

This place is designed by Western Java Governor, Ridwan Kami. This place has a very important history for Islamic spreading in Cirebon. This place became a place for the people to ask about Islamic religion before. In fact, the name of this place was taken from a prince who spread Islamic religion in Cirebon, Prince Kejaksan. So this place is historic.

Because it has history, it's not wrong to have decorations like the kingdom of that era. the city square also becomes a green open space that the people can enjoy, there's also a playground for children, in fact, this place is a jogging track for the people.

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