Huka Falls Walk From Taupo - A Great Track Along Waikato River


Taupo is a small town located at the edge of Lake Taupo in the centre of New Zealand. The town is home to beautiful natural wonders such as Lake Taupo, Tongariro National Park and Huka Falls. Huka Falls is the most popular waterfall in New Zealand, located on the Waikato River. The staggering volume of water rushing through Huka Falls is estimated at more than 220,000 litres per second, creating a spectacular view of the powerful water cascading over a roughly 11-meter drop.


One way to get to Huka Falls from Taupo instead of driving car is walking along the track from Spa park to Huka Falls. This is an leisurely track that suits everyone and take about 1 hour 30 minute. A long the way is the picturesque views to Waikato River where the flow is still serene.





The great thing about the water in the river here is that it's so clear. I was amazed by how stunning the bottom of the river being seen through the water no matter how deep it is.




This track also offers great views to native forest on riverside and this is also a good place to immerse yourself in nature and take a deep breath of fresh air.



This track is a must-do if you have chance to visit Taupo. My recommendation is to take the bus from town to Huka Falls then walk the track back to town as the bus is available many times a day, and this way is better for timing as well because you may take more time to stop on the way watching the beautiful scenes and there's a chance you might miss the bus to go back town 😊.

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