Meteor Hunting near the sacred chapel

Hello there, hungry travelers!

I suppose everyone is getting even more hungry to travel as the days under lockdowns continue to pile up one by one... Once again, checking and enjoying photo albums from my past travels with my camera and lenses, of course, I decided to tell you another story and put a new pin on my Pinmapple author map-list at - go check it out ;)

"Meteor Hunting near the sacred chapel"

I decided to put this title as that day and night were dedicated to that activity, precisly!

Check out the last photo from this destination:


If you zoom into it you'll probably see four lines, two high above the horizon, traces of burning meteors, and two lower, closer to the ground, which were actually dotted lines by the blinking lights of planes, dashing through the sky. How cool is this, isn't it? :)

Well, it seems lately this has become a habit of mine to start my stories with the last photos.

So let me put it all straight now!

First, prepare for something funny!

This tiny chapel is called "Plana Chapel". Probably because it is close to the village of Plana.
But guess another funny fact - it is found in Plana mountain ;)

It is a favorite destination for photographers because it provides great foreground objects for astro, landscape and portrait photography with its interesting architecture, huge tree next to the chapel and the cross, illuminated at night, mounted on that strange metallic pipes construction in front of the entrance of this religious building. Also, the road ends virtually few steps away from it. In addition, it is only about 35 km for Sofia, the capital and the biggest city in Bulgaria. However, the road is quite curvy, considering it goes mostly in the mountains, providing some nice views along. So if you plan driving there, better provide more than one hour. ;)

Purely from a photographical perspective, for astro-photography, such a distance isn't big at all as there was big light pollution in the background as you may see in the last photo from the series. Speaking of that, the best place, I mean the darkest places with least light-pollution in our country are in Rhodope mountain, near Rozhen, where is built the biggest national observatory. But let's not change the subject.

So that day, after driving to the chapel, we arrived shortly before the sunset. My favorite time when the sky becomes so colorful and magical!

Here is how it looked around the cozy chapel, views with my favorite sun light diffractions, of course :) It felt so warm being at the threshold of this sacred place and at a vegetable field, at the same time. The spirit of countryside...





To light a candle and pray and wish for something good was on our list as well.

The Sun was going down and shadows were becoming longer. Don't judge too hard my rather dirty SUV as I often use it to drive and photograph some off-road places. ;) Here was the moment I noticed the small hill nearby with a tiny pine tree forest on top of it. It has to be checked out too, of course!




While we enjoyed the beauties of the surroundings and the long shadows, few other people came by, they paid a short visit to the chapel and thankfully, in few minutes it was all back to us only.



We greeted life and love and went up the hill to see the views and appreciate the sunset colors.
Even in black and white, I could tell this place is really special!








Here, near that small forest I mentioned, I found something quite strange, three beautiful butterflies, already sleeping on top of a blooming wild flower. Sleeping or being high? I can't tell but they didn't move while I took photos of them from all possible angles, I was so grateful about that. It doesn't happen often. Actually I don't recall this ever happening again to me.





If felt like we were stepping into a fairy-tale!

The night has almost come...




Time for us to get our tripods out of the trunk and prepare for the night light show of our Universe!



Definitely a night to remember! A night, full of burning light, love and life I will not forget!

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