Travel and Photograph the Rocky Mountains Colorado USA

Traveling in the Colorado Mountains is like no other place in America. You have the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the most wonderful small towns to photograph.

The snowy landscape on a mountain top can still be done in the spring time since the snow has not melted and the weather is pleasant. I must warn you that weather can change very quickly and backroads can be a bit challenging when that happens.

This is truly a landscape that is virtually untouched and easy to find great shots with mountain terrain.

It’s also a great place for time lapse photography since the clouds can move so fast.

Many years ago, people made their living on the Western plains of the United States and log cabins were more abundant.

I can’t imagine living the life in a cabin and making it through a rough winter.

They say that Colorado is a State with a high percentage of sunny days. The weather really changes fast.

The roads are great as long as you stay on well traveled cities and there is plenty of backroads as well for the SUV’s to play on.

I really like seeing the small towns in the mountains. They have a very charming appeal. A very simple and easy going atmosphere.

Many years ago, train was a main way to travel across the plains and through the mountains to get to the West Coast of America. Steam engine locomotives can still be seen and can still work today.

Next time you are in Colorado, travel west from Denver and go into the mountains and visit a few small towns. You will have a fun time and can imagine what early settlers did when they claimed the Wild West.

Beautiful wild flowers

I hope you enjoyed my journey and the photos.

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