Trekking In The Highest Peak On Cebu Island

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Hello there Hivers, it's weekend again, hope all are doing good this weekend. Today we visited our neighboring town Dalaguete together with my wife and her older sister. We decided to have a trekking to their well-known Osmeña Peak the highest peak on Cebu island, this is our second time coming here actually. We all agreed to hike the peak again to see what's new in the place, and to test our knees as well on the steep slope going up, which would be a good exercise anyway😁.

My wife did a groupfie as we head up on the way to the entrance. The building in our back is the main entrance going to the Osmeña Peak, there you can pay the entrance fee of 30Php per person, you can also hire a tour guide if you want to, but since it's our second time we don't need to have one.


Going up to the peak takes about 25 minutes more or less depending of course on how fast you hike. Along the way going up we had to stop by and rest for a while so as to see and enjoy the side scenery. As you can see somehow it almost looks similar to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.


As we arrived at the peak, though it's our second time, the scenery still amazed us plus the whistling cold wind that touches the skin, the reason why the village(Mantalongon) where the Osmeña Peak is located is also dubbed as "Vegetable Basket of the South" because of the enormous vegetable ranch of the area.


Look at those pointed peaks of the hill at the back, wish I had a drone to have it filmed the entire area of Osmeñ Peak. We are lucky though since it doesn't fog by the time we arrived at the peak because it usually fogs especially during the rainy season.


As we go down from the peak, we decide to have a stopover on the other side of the hill, to have a look in this still in the making of the flower garden.


As we asked the caretaker, the garden is run by the Local Government of Dalaguete so as to include it in their tourist attraction, but as of now they still working on it, as there are some portions of the land that is empty.


There were a variety of flowers already bloom like this lavender and sunflower that gives colorful views in the area, which will soon surely captivate more tourists to come.




The trekking was a great way to spend the weekend, seeing new tourist attractions and doing an exercise as well. That's it for this content thanks for dropping by. Always stay safe and have a great weekend.

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