Visit and Learn History About My City in Al Mahsun Grand Mosque

This time I will bring the readers to visit one of the historic buildings and has the beautiful architectural buildings and also become an icon of the city where I live that Al Mahsun Grand Mosque or we call Medan Grand Mosque. For friends who may not know what the mosque. A mosque is a place that serves Muslims.




Al Mahsun Grand Mosque there since the year 1909, 36 years before the existence of the state of Indonesia. When first established this Mosque is located in a complex with the Palace of the Sultanate of Deli. The construction of this mosque was initiated by the Sultan of Deli IX, Sultan ma'mun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam in the year 1906 and completed in 1909. That time of the building of Masjid Raya Al Mahsun larger and more magnificent than the Palace of the Sultanate of Deli this is because according to the sultan Mosque it is on the splendor of the palace. There is also another reason for the process of the construction of a mosque by Sultan of Deli XI, due to the development of the religion of Islam which is very rapid in the land of deli, and the decision of the sultan who moved the capital from Labuhan Deli to Medan

This time, the Al Mahsun Grand Mosque is located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja no. 61. Everyone can visit this mosque to see it, which is important well-dressed, and polite. The moment before the pandemic covid-19 many foreign tourists who visit, because around Al Mahsun Grand Mosque many hotels and guest house.

Entry Gate Al Mahsun Grand Mosque


When we want to enter the building of the Grand Mosque Al Mahsun, we were greeted by the gates of square form with a flat roof. There are carved writes Arabic on the right of the entrance gate who wrote September 19, 1909, as a sign of the mosque was completed and used.


In the courtyard of the mosque, we could see the front of the mosque. The form of the most striking there is three black colored dome with the architecture of the dome of the turkey. The front of the mosque is a favorite place for visitors to come, you can get a spot a good photo when you're here.

Al Mahsun Grand Mosque



The distinctive feature of the Al Mahsun Mosque is the ornament that comes from the culture of other countries if we see there is a touch of China, the Middle East, and India in each ornament. Acculturation from a variety of cultures that exist in the field when it affects and creates the beauty of this mosque.

We get into the inside of the mosque. The window, the chandelier, the stained glass in this Mosque were brought in from Europe such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. The hallway in the mosque has a row of the arched windows like the buildings of the medieval Spanish.



The splendor of the building of this Mosque can not be denied because at that time the Sultanate of Deli profited from the tobacco plantations that were popular in that period and is well developed by the government of the colonial Dutch east indies. The architecture of this mosque is also a dutchman named T.V Van Verp.

Tomb of The Sultan



I also invite the reader to see the backside of the Mosque, on the back there, Tombs of the descendants of the nobility of the sultanate of deli and the offspring.

The tomb of the sultan of the Sultanate of deli in the complex is also but a different place. This is the grave of Sultan ma'mun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam who founded the mosque in his reign.

Until now, Al Mahsun Mosque also still be the icon of tourism history and religion in the City of Medan and still maintained its original form and is a cultural heritage of the city of Medan.

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