Vintage Tanks, Guns and Fighting Machines

My posting here has dropped off a little recently, I've been busy working on a house move, almost there, but it's taking a lot of my time. I'll be moving to Devon, a wonderful part of England that will inspire me to post more here in the future!

I've been travelling to Devon a lot recently getting ready for the move, and managed to squeeze in a trip to the Cobbaton Combat Collection, which is halfway between between South Moulton and Barnstable, down some windy single track country lanes, the kind of road where you're always looking out for passing spots, and hoping that you don't meet a tractor going in the opposite direction!

The combat collection can loosely be called a museum, although they themselves think of it as a personal collection that got out of hand. It is a wonderful collection for sure, if you like that kind of thing. I was going with my Son who currently has an obsession with tanks, so this was a perfect place to visit.

It's basically three large sheds, filled to the brim with tanks, military vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, guns, knifes, military memorabilia, recreations of World War II environments, and more. It doesn't take too long to walk around and take it all in, but it's still fascinating to be in that environment, and to see the scope of the collection.