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George Bernard Shaw

I woke up to a really lovely message this morning; I smiled and felt pretty grateful to the person who sent it, also humbled that a person would think so highly of me to send such a touching message. It was a nice way to wake up and it set the tone for the rest of the day which promised to deliver some pretty awesome spring weather to my corner of the world. I had a mission today, nothing too serious but one I couldn't avoid, so I deployed.

Today's mission was a visit to my specialist-surgeon at her city office.

Some may recall I had an operation in June and last week had some complications that sort of flared up out of nowhere causing severe pain and more than a little concern. I high-tailed it to the hospital and she took a look by ultrasound for any serious issues then declared the G-dog good to go, after some injections and writing out a prescription.

Things have been improving since but the area is still painful; tolerable though.

I had a follow-up appointment made and today was it, just to check the situation and make sure I wasn't going to keel-over and die. I think the reason is the specialist-surgeon must have a payment coming up on her prestige car though, she's not shy when it comes to charging.

As I drove to the city I was thinking about how I could squeeze some value from the day; I'm not one to enjoy the city much however if I had to be there I figured I'd find something enjoyable to do and I found just the thing.

A walk in Rymill Park

20210923_114912-COLLAGE (1).jpg

Rymill Park is located to the east of the city, right on the fringe and is a nice little spot to find some peace close to the central business district. The East End of the city is a funky mix of high-end fashion boutiques and trendy cafés but those places rarely hold any interest for me. I'm more interested in the park, the natural setting, and today, a beautiful spring day, it shone like a gem! Thanks Rymill Park, you delivered!

This park, and the adjacent Victoria Park Racecourse, formed the centre-piece for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix between 1985 and 1995 which was regarded as one of the best street circuits on the race-calendar. The annual event attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the track including myself and I used to take my little brother @tarazkp also. He was a little tacker back then; kind of cute but mischievous looking. I don't what happened to him but now...Not so cute I guess. Age does that.

Today there were no race cars; just ducks, birds, filtered city noises and a few humans like me.

I wandered around for about an hour walking fairly briskly and then meandered a little for another thirty minutes. I stopped to watch a few students making a film on their smart phones, had a chat and then moved on to watch a few chaps playing disc golf on the course that meanders around Rymill Park; If you've not seen it you should check it out as it looks like good fun.

Rymill Park hosts many events over the year including the world-renowned Adelaide Festival and the Australian International Three-Day Event together with a multitude of smaller events like fun-runs, solar vehicle challenges, color-runs, Easter egg hunts, Christmas events, cultural events and celebrations, teddy bear picnics and just about everything else. It's also a cool place for families to picnic on the weekends or for G-dog's to wander prior to doctors appointments.

Adelaide, my home town, is a very liveable city of around 1.2 million people. It's easy to get around and is surrounded by extensive parklands. This, the cosmopolitan nature of it and an agreeable climate, make it a very cool place to live. Sure it has its challenges, like most cities, but days like today make that acceptable. I took the opportunity to make the most of my day in the city and the city helped me do it with some help from the weather.

I hope y'all have had a great week so far and are prepared for the back end, the run into the weekend. Enjoy your Thursday folks.

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