Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

Hello Everyone, I hope all of you have a good day! Sukhothai Historical Park is located in the north central part of Thailand near the city of Sukhothai.

Sukhothai Park covers the ruins of the capital of the Province going back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The city's walls cover around a 28 square mile radius and houses the ruins and temples from this long ago era.
Needless to say, these are ancient grounds with long standing buildings and monuments (in good condition).

As with Thai History, these provinces were fought for and conquered by different parties over time. A city or ruler would wall off his territory
Depending on how much you want to know, there is a detailed history of the ruling families available and more about the times.
It's truly traveling back in time. You can see the grounds and the palace walls and the 26 temples surrounding the palace.
The largest temple is Wat Mahathat. It is the largest and most important temple to see in the Park.
The temple was founded back in 1292 and served as the main temple for the city.
It's truly an amazing feeling to be able to photograph and walk the grounds of history.
Many still worship here today amongst the towering Buddha Statues with some almost 30 feet tall.
The other various temples are smaller in size and were built at other times. Some are certainly in better condition than others.
We were lucky this day that we did not face much visitors and were able to walk freely and take as many photos as we could.
The landscape view below truly gives you context for the size of the Buddha statues as part of the Temple.
The park is quite large and you can certainly traverse by foot or bike.

In terms of cost, a Thai citizen can enter the park for around 20 BHT while a foreign citizen pays around 100 BHT.

Many choose to rent a bike once they realize the size of the park and there are very nice trails and walkways to use.
Overall, I thought the grounds were very well kept and easy to understand directions. There is not a cafe on site, so I would recommend taking your own water or small lunch to eat.
For those that are unable to walk or ride such a distance, there are small cars and drivers to take you around the Park.

Many people will spend a few days and take their time to cover all the temples and grounds to see.

Sunset provides some great opportunities for landscape photos with the temples and setting sun.

I would like to thank you for reading about my journey and thank you for reading.

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