Beautiful Bang Saray Beach, Pattaya ChonBuri, Thailand

The beautiful beaches in Thailand are famous worldwide. The Pattaya area in Southern Thailand (south of Bangkok) is known for both it’s beaches and it’s nightlife.

if you are are a photographer, the landscape opportunities for the beaches and the city life abundant.

I love the above silohette photo of a man carrying supplies to sell on the beach. The sunset adds to the drama.

The photo below is a view from the top of a  building giving a broad landscape view across the city.

A beautiful Sky evening  sunset with the silhouette of coconut trees on the beach.

Before covid, the tourists would crowd the beach and play volleyball. The setting sun provide some nice shots.

Of course Pattaya has all the nightlife and famous Thai cuisine for all the tourists.

Pattaya can be compared to Las Vegas Nevada as a city that never sleeps.

During the day, Pattaya is a bustling Thai city and has the benefit of the beaches and water that draws tourists from all over the world.

If you are a beach lover, you may want to stay at modern hotels or homestays on the beach. You can walk out your door and literally be on the beach.

The city has slowed since Covid and many people in the city are praying for the days of a return to normal.

The photo below allowed me to play with sun as a model poses with the sun in her fingertips.

All the walkways have slowed down and now the city is quiet where the locals have the sidewalks again.
Traveladvice before you get in to the beach no food or water for sale every shop closing down, What do you need? 1. Water 2. Some foods 3.bugs spray 4. Mask if you need one.
Read up on travel advice before to travel to Pattaya in Thailand.

There are plenty of tourist spots that are quiet by night and alive at night.

I hope you have a chance to visit the beautiful southern tourist islands like Pattaya if you do go to Thailand. You will be enjoy the contrast of the city and beautiful beaches.

Thank you for reading.

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