Dai Loc In Summer 🏊‍♀️🌿

Dear Hive friends,

It's summertime in many countries around the world. I wonder how and where you often spend time during this period. Currently, I am living in a coastal city in Vietnam. I love to take free time to walk and swim at the beach, however, I am more into the countryside and mountains. Therefore, today I will share with you one of my favorite places near my town. At the moment, it's still a hidden place that there are not many tourists coming, probably, after my post, some friends will find a way to go there ;) Indeed, I am happy to share and show you how to get there, the only condition is taking me with ;)

  • How to get there?

The beautiful destination that I mentioned is Dai Loc. As my base is Danang city, my friend and I often go there by motorbike, it takes around 1,5 hours to get there.


The most beautiful of Dai Loc is the countryside atmosphere, many rice fields, mountains, and streams. We were there once during the rice harvest when they were changing green and yellow colors and covered by the blue sky and natural breezes.


My buddy, Lola loves Vietnam 😘


For those who don't how the rice plant looks like...my friend used to ask me whether the rice comes under the earth or above...^^

Driving a motorbike (or scooter) is the best option to go from Danang. For other places, please come to Danang then call me in. I will be your guide, be nice to me, please :) In case I am busy, I will still show you in detail on Google maps.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.35.54 PM.png

Where to GO?

There are many attractions in Dai Loc, such as Khe Lim Ecotourism destination
My Son Sanctuary, Grang Waterfall and many streams. After a long drive around villages in Dai Loc, we stopped at one of the biggest streams, which I haven't yet known the name ...@@


Everybody got tired and a bit sunburned after long driving, cool natural shower like this is the best.



As planned to spend a day in Dai Loc, we prepared some easy food with us for lunch, mainly fruits and sandwiches. We are veggie lovers ;). Another option can be BBQ, you can easily make grilled chicken, pork, whatever you like, just take it with you. One of our friends was a cook and he did care for us well.


After lunch, each person found their own place to chill or rest. There are plenty of shadows and caves to escape from the heat of 45 degrees Celsius at noon. That time, we didn't bring any tents or hammocks with us, but definitely recommend you to have one of those, more comfortable!


The higher you climb, the better view you will get.


@trangbaby called this place an infinity pool which was truly right words for it.


Our favourite corner where we did foot massage all day long.


Thuong, our friend was not only a good cook but also a great photographer. He took many nice shots while we enjoyed our time there.


We had a lovely doggy with us. He had innocent eyes which make everyone focus on and play with him a lot.


Rock balance is always our well-spent time game when we go to streams.

Having a lot of fun and even met some friends there, it was a great day for us, we didn't want to pack up and go back home. If we were able to stay overnight, I am pretty sure everyone would vote to stay. The last shot was great to show all happy faces ;)


We indeed fall in love with this place and definitely come back again. Hope you enjoy my sharing and will have a remarkable trip there too 😍
Stay Safe & Much Love xxxx💚

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