Focus Archery Cafe; Cozy Place For Your First Dating


Hello, I'm back!
Where's the perfect place for doing first dating? Cafe? Parks? Or museums? Or libraries?

The first date is like an impression, whether you will continue the relationship or separate until here. Choosing a place for a first date is also a bit difficult because you have to know what your crush likes. You can ask before finally asking her out or try browsing the internet about cute romantic places.


Well, yesterday I had a chance to stop by a unique cafe. In addition to the instagramable form of the cafe, this cafe also has a fairly wide archery area, maybe as wide as a badminton court. For me, this is quite interesting. You can try playing archery with a rental fee for an hour. There is also a professional coach who will help you to play archery.

This cafe has 2 floors, at that time I chose to sit on the 2nd floor with a cool breeze and enjoy a cup of hot cappuccino, while my lover chose to enjoy a hot latte and french fries.


Enjoying this cafe is good in the late afternoon and when the day is sunny. You can be sure the atmosphere is very supportive to relax while having a light chat or even a deep talk.

Conceptually, I like this cafe and feel Focus Archery Cafe is the perfect place for future dates. The price of the food is affordable too. And, the interior of the cafe is quite instagrammable for a photoshoot and indeed they provide for that.

Maybe later I will go back there and try various menus while sharing my photos with you. This cafe also complies with health protocols, you know.


So, where's the best place for first dating on your version?

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