My Introduction Post :Distance Learning & The Technology that Saved Education System.

Hello, community members and viewers, let me introduce myself here, a new member in this platform.
I am a young entrepreneur, a self employed person, a university student with two years to roll on to be a graduate.

Basically, I like to study math and technology in most of the times, doing research and I have a eagerful mind to conduct experiments with laboratory equipments. I have a nice bit of warehouse where I keep different Items, and I am very passionate in doing all of these in my spare times.

Since, most of the classes are getting conducted through the use of Internet and digital devices like smartphones and personal computers, laptops and mini sized I -pads, its pretty difficult and impossible to attend the University labs and apply the knowledges been learnt in theoretical studies.
But, I have my own plans, if the nature obstacles one way, I know, I should pick up another one to keep going.
The home side small laboratory that I constructed would be a replaceable option for me to cover my thirst of doing scientific works.

Now, if we talk about the loss that has been created by the pandemic of covid,it wouldn’t be understandable in words because the lively and classroom based classes are the best option for all time. You cant replace the way students naturally learn from the classrooms, but its the technology that saved the whole students community from a great disaster in education system.

Its hard to imagine that what would have happened if there were no help of technology in Education system. Without the aid of it, we had to terribly suffer from illiteracy and that might have created a standstill situation.

So, one thing that can be learnt from this scenario, that whenever we would face challenges, technology would be there to save us by creating new path and alternatives.The replacement of online classes from getting escaped from it, due to the governments health protocols, educational institutions opening embargo, distance learning and the rescue in the critical time, must be well appreciated and thanked.

I would finish by saying that, if there would be drive, there must be a way out of something. Here, the drive is the technology, that gave us a new hope,with crisis replacement.

Best wishes to you and I hope you would support me to pursue my career in this community with your assistance.

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