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From a global point of view, competitiveness plays a very important role in the management of any company. The globalization of the economy has posed a great challenge of competitiveness, changing the competitive structure of industries from local to global level, pressuring the companies in the sector to move faster in order to protect themselves from the different sudden changes in the environment, and to be more elastic, aiming at changes.

With the globalization of markets and the development of technology, organizations have to identify and develop competitive advantages. All over the world, companies are gaining advantages through innovations, intuiting both new technologies and new mechanisms.

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Competitiveness is characterized by the ability of a sector, of a group of companies (private or public), to position itself in the market. From a macroeconomic point of view, the competitiveness of a nation is the capacity of its productive sector to satisfy domestic and foreign demand.

According to Porter (1999), "A nation's competitiveness depends on its industry's ability to innovate and improve. Companies gain an advantage over the best competitors in the world because of pressures and challenges". The competitiveness of an economic unit or of nations is generally designated in two different ways depending on its origin: by price or by cost.

In the case of the dairy sector in Venezuela, it can be stated that there are no levels of international competitiveness, because there is no exporting capacity; on the contrary, in order to supply the domestic market, high volumes of milk are imported.

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It should be noted that the sector is undergoing major changes that negatively affect the competitiveness of the dairy industries. The new economic and financial reality of the country requires an analysis that offers the industrial sector quick and timely answers, which in turn allows it to make decisions and strengthen the fulfillment of the objectives set for the success of the business. This crisis is due to the lack of foreign currency, uncontrolled prices and the lack of agricultural inputs, among others.

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