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Greener Energy To Save Our Planet From The Artificiality Of Scientific Technology -Are We Aware?

Hello Science Lovers,

How are you? I hope you are doing a great job in sitting at home and leading a safe and secure life being protected from covid attack and following all the health norms.I guess,in terms of fighting against the lethal virus, the best weapon is to wear a mask, maintain health regulations and be cautious to safeguard yourself so that you dont catch the flue.Hope,we all practise the few norms.

Here, in this present world of science and technology where it is in the peak of its situation, we have so many scientific innovations that thrived the lifestyle that we lead,with better understanding of it,we now at least lead a life that is more improved than before in the past,got a decent pace with the ongoing smarter tech devices and assistance of these. But,here is one thing we get to remember when we are in fact became so much enchanted with the magic of science.Its rather a protective issue that needs to be properly addressed and unerstood.


The scientist community is undoubtedly working their utmost to bring up the more sophisticated designs that would ensure even more smarter use of energy, by ensuring,lack of loss,efficient use,modern design,best version of tech driven products.But,when they focus on the mechanical side of it, they are more likely to stride away from the natural look of the energy that we have in the world. I would like to say,we make technology products in the artificial manner, but with this practice, the more we go towards finding a sophisticated solution to upgrade oir previous model of innovation, the greater we put aside natural source of energy, the Green Energy. Its, rather pathetic to say about it.

To my point of view,the more I looked into the matter,the better my understanding became clear that,the developed world are contributing in a larger portion in this case to artificialize the use of energy to run our factories and modern equipments. As a consequence,we get to see the side effects of it clearly and manifestly in our climate and atmospheric issues.
Todays world are likely to be less living friendly because of the fact that,we are not paying enough attention to the cause of Greener Energy.I guess you got the point of my discussion.

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Look,green energy is a substitute of conventional energy which has the factor of being run out of resources and the minimal reservation. That means we could say the resources and stocks are limited and we cannot use that in the near future if we completely rely on the non -greener energy sources.On the contrary,reliability to long term sustainable energy, or the production of energy type that is generated from natural resources like sunlight, light beam remodelling, wind energy,water etc.will cause no harm to our environment and mother Earth.How wonderful that would sound if we can manage to do that.

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I always think in the way that,if we be more focused on creating smarter design, follow less safer path of energy use, we would live like in the present without paying attention to the future that lying ahead.We just cant think about for ourselves but at the same time need to think for our future generations to come,our childrens life.Thats why, I am looking forward to highlight the renewable energy, coz this is smarter than others.

If we rely on the vast and non ending energy resources, taking power from sun with solar panels, using wind turbines or the flow of water to generate energy,then we can save the non renewable energy and will be able to drive out the climate crisis that we face in todays world. By the by,the world leaders are also putting their effort to lessen the artificial energy usage, through greener and eco friendly energy supplies to support our needs and also the climate altogether. **Paris Climate Convention ,Washington Climate Policy ** are some of the initiatives made by our global leaders.So,there is a hope lying ahead I think might come next to eliminate the indiscriminate use of non renewable and artificial energy that we see today, causing harm to our climate and environment.

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Lastly,I would say,Technology and science around with it created a better life for us, but at the same time we need to think for the future of it,the consequences that this use will bring forth,and artificiality reduction and protecting our Earth, we need to work together and bring peace for all of us. These things we need to do in this moment.

Thanks for reading my blog,gratitude for spending your time,I hope you liked my content.Good bye.

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