HYPNOCHAIN - My Hypnosis Story

Once I was Hypnotized at an event downtown at this little spot with a stage. I don't remember why I was there, it happened sort of suddenly, but I was selected or volunteered to go up on stage I think. So what I remember is that they ask you to relax and to and to listen to the sound of their voice, and I was told that I was getting more and more relaxed to the point where I was going to allow myself to accept suggestions.


One by one he would hypnotize each person including myself and the others. My body fell asleep but in my head I was still observing myself having the experience up on stage being hypnotized. Certain people were more hypnotized than others, and I don't think I was as asleep as some others were. The others on stage with me were asked questions and given instructions. One girl couldnt feel her arms or legs, I think they were turned to liquid.

That part was a little troubling, but I was relaxed and allowing myself to fall deeper and deeper into a trance. It was a long time ago so it might be something to explore again.

At one point I ended up in someones arms and that was a strange experience, but the best part was the end. The Hypnotist told me that from then on I would be more happy and successful and some other things I don't really remember. The feeling I was left with after was refreshing and a sort of catharsis, since I was given some inspiration.

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