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English version!

Hello HIVE users, on September 18th, 2020 the new German soccer Bundesliga season will start, and I thought it would be interesting to perfom a HIVE-internally tipster competition this time.

Original source: pixabay.

Similar to @stayoutoftherz with the Friday HIVE Lichess Chess Tournament, I too will use an external platform for the time being, namely that of the professional provider of software for soccer result prediction games among friends or within companies, kicktipp.

I created the following soccer competition game on kicktipp:

"HIVE Bundesliga Soccer Competition".

If the whole thing turns out to be a success, and above all the participants have fun, one could of course consider creating a blockchain based equivalent to replace kicktipp in future.


For the sake of clarity and simplicity, and to keep my effort within limits, the whole game is only about the (German) 1st Bundesliga.

Since I use the free version of kicktipp, which is not subject to a fee, the maximum number of participants is limited to 300! Therefore, I ask every user to only participate with one account (as game administrator, I am empowered to remove double accounts of any participant).
Anyone can register themselves and should (to ensure that they can be assigned) please choose their HIVE user name as kicktipp user name!


  • Overall winner is who has the most points at the end of the season according to the kicktipp results table.

  • Matchday winner is who has achieved the most points on the respective matchday.

  • The prediction period (including the option to change already made predictions) lasts until the start of the games.

  • I have opted for a relatively complicated quota system:
    The odds depend on what the other participants of the game choose. The highest possible odds are 9 (if almost no one else has bet on this team), the lowest possible odds are 3 (if almost everyone has bet on this team). This means it could sometimes be beneficial to bet on outsiders!
    In addition to the odds, a player can get one additional point for a correctly predicted goal difference, and one further point for predicting the exact outcome.

    Example: if the odds for a team are 6, you guess a final score of 2:1 for that team, and the team wins 3:2, you will get 7 points (6 points because of the odds and an extra point for the correct goal difference).

    In case of a tie, you get two additional points for predicting the exact result (e.g. prediction: 0:0, result: 0:0), but no additional points for (only) the correct goal difference (e.g. prediction: 0:0, result: 1:1).

This is how the kicktipp prediction interface (German version) looks like:

After the predictions are submitted, also the odds are displayed, which are of course not meaningful as long as only one participant has guessed the results (and my predictions which you can see in the screenshot are of course not my final ones - in general you can't see the picks of the other participants before the start of the games).
English version of the interface:


I myself will sent 100 HIVE to the overall winner, i.e. the participant with the most total points at the end of the season.
Should I become the overall winner myself, you won't get anything! :-)

Additionally, the respective matchday winners will receive 100 % upvotes in the commentary section of the articles in which I post the interim results!
So it can be worthwhile to participate even if you are way behind in the overall standings.

Possibly there may be other sponsors of this HIVE soccer prediction competition who are willing to reward the first-placed players in the overall standings or to send additional upvotes to the matchday winners?

List of Sponsors:

1. Many thanks @condeas for your contribution of 50 HIVE!!
This makes you the first sponsor of the prediction game! :)

  • 25 HIVE for the winner,
  • 15 HIVE for the second-place finisher,
  • 10 HIVE for the third-place finisher.

2. The next sponsor has arrived: @reiseamateur donates a total of 150 HIVE!! Many thanks!

  • 50 HIVE for the winner,
  • 30 HIVE for the second-place finisher,
  • 20 HIVE for the third-place finisher,
  • 50 HIVE for the last one (provided the participation in every single round).

3. Many thanks @cervisia for generous 100 HIVE!!

  • 75 HIVE for the leader after 17 matchdays (the autumn champion),
  • 25 HIVE for the second-place finisher of the first half of the season.

4. Many thanks @rondras, creator of Rabona, for contributing 50 HBD!!

  • 25 HBD for the winner,
  • 15 HBD for the second-place finisher,
  • 10 HBD for the third-place finisher.

Open questions?

If I've forgotten anything important, please let me know in the comments section. I will then answer all open questions either in a follow-up post or directly here in the form of comments.
There is still plenty of time before the start of the Bundesliga to deal with various details.

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