Based on the places I've been well-within my mind, as well as the shades of darkness and confusion treading through my existence, I managed to put it down into writing just to at least, make me feel better. I hope you'd feel the message within as you read.

Across my mind it swept like rain,
The mighty touch of the hand called pain,
Through life my sight is one to fear,
The awe I feel is hard to bear.

I see my dream torn up and mauled,
A soul hit hard with clubs and swords,
Tear-laced eyes with tsunami up high,
Swarm of goosebumps leave my feeling to sigh.

Jailed is the height that I seek to fulfill,
Watched from afar with life serving my meal,
Needs I can see but just could not meet,
Lost is my feeling to the tussle and grit.

The comfort I lie is a pain in disguise,
Warm just like bosom yet so cold as ice,
The roses you see to me show forth thorns,
What feeling is needed to achieve my turns.

Like the waves of an ocean it roars aloud,
Oh peacock of grief is my pain up so proud,
Like bulbs to sight, it soaks up my eyes,
My emotions at stake at the mercy of lice.

Fun it seem yet taint of grief,
What you think is your side of the leaf,
Beneath my shade lie tears unseen,
Felt is the sprain right within my skin.

I hear and talk though feel so dumb,
Stung hard by pain to the point of numb,
My view on life is only mine to bear,
Though frightening is the feeling enough to scare.


©Roman Empire Production
Thanks for reading 🖤

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