"Anguish" (Original Poem)



How many ruptures will flood me by,
until I sing to your halo?
How many signatures will mark my soul,
until your words soothe me?
How much longer do I have to wait,
to be healed by your presence?

Oh dear, this waiting anguishes
my soul, please save me!

How many days will turn to return,
until I see your face?
How many debates will I battle,
to ease our pain?
How much longer do I await,
to be healed by your symphony?

Oh dear, this waiting anguishes
my soul, please save me!

Sudden barricades are often distressful,
Sudden love is acclaimed.
But, how do I nurture and justify
the agony of never meeting?
How do I be less fathomed,
if waiting is all that I am doing?

Oh dear, this waiting anguishes
my soul, do save me!

Irradicating the limit of time,
centuries may pass by.
Engulfing the burdens alone,
still, I lie in await.
How shall I call to you dear,
your presence is that I miss?

Oh dear, this longing time
calls for your soul, will we meet?

Shattering glasses and tormenting curses,
tethered the me waiting.
The trembling fingers can no more behold,
the fresh fragments of your soul.
How may I skip the fragmented hours,
that we lay together alone?

Oh dear, this longing hour
craves for your glance, can we meet?

Apart from the hectic days,
some days were emerging bright
with your memories surrounding
the younger me to encompass, the hurdles.
How can time be so cruel,
keeping us apart?

Oh dear, this longing hour
shall pass the day I stop.

Meet me to the song we sang together in midnights,
the lonely showers of mesmerizing stars brightened above us.
Meet me for the endless times I yearned for you in await,
the moments of anguish, the lonely gatherings.
Let the time flourish until I reach to you,
for that be the new beginning for us two.

Oh dear, this passing hour has grown thinner,
shall we now meet for eternity?

The End!

{Cover- Source}

I wasn't finding the courage to write about love-tragedies but someone close to me encouraged me to keep on. It is interesting how our close ones aren't close to us at all. They are close to us in terms of mentally but physically we are so apart. I feel these emotions are to be treasured. Additionally, I would like to thank @chrysanthemum for encouraging me to write love poems that I was quite confused about. Confused cause I was and am not sure how well I can express it all. Love is not an easy topic for me. So much more reason for me to merge it with tragedy. I hope you like it.

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