Day 1473: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: late breakfast @sonofremi


She stared at the line separare the house into two equal parts, there was a heavy rain outside. She looked up and stared at her husband as he drooled over his game controller at other side of the room.

John and mary had grown apart and they tried having a vacation to rekindle whatever love they thought they had for each other but they had just ended the vacation with a fight and they were stuck with each other because of the Covid-19 outbreak, they had come to Jamaica for their vacation.

There was no plane going out of Jamaica and people were told to stay indoors for their safety. The weather was dull and a heavy rain fell.

They haven't spoken to each other since the fight and their parents had tried taking to them through skype but none of them were ready to give any effort for reconciliation. The only connection they still had was their pet "Blake". They both loved the dog because he was there to comfort them through trying and stressful times.

The rain fell heavly and Blake looked for his favourite chew toy around the house. He kept on sniffing and looking for it. He later saw it through the glass door as it laid in the compound just outside, the rain fell heavy and the stairs were slippery, Blake ran out through his little door and went to retrieve his chew toy. The rain fell and the streets were flooded as Blake picked up the touch, wave currents broke the wooden fence and water flooded the backyard, he struggled to keep his head above as he tried to swim away. Mary saw the dog from the window and screamed on top of her voice and ran to the door.

Her husband in panick threw away his controller and followed his wife. She stood on the balcony as John dived into the water to save his dog, he held Blake in his hands and started to swim away. He came to the balcony and carried Blake to Mary and they both took him inside and started to dry Blake . This experience made the couple watch their favourite movie with Blake after feeding him his favourite snack, they had forgotten about the fight due to the experience and Mary slept off on John's lap.


The next morning Mary work up late in the morning and came to the dinning table. She pet Blake that was still at sleep beside her. She walked into the dinning and saw John in an apron as he stood with a pulled out chair for her to sit as he was ready to serve her breakfast. She smiled and embrace him.

The End

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