Car Dealers, Last Names and Sleepless Nights, a Freewrite


Car repairs are the furthest thing from my mind today, but I need to write a freewrite to calm my nerves. I am moving 300 miles from here, to the boondocks of New York State, in TWO DAYS! I had the foresight to do my car work a few weeks early. In fact, getting the car ready was on my long list of stuff to do before I left, the list I made months ago, the list of stuff I knew if I didn't do early, would not get done. I thought all the car would need was an oil change.

But that changed when I was trying to figure out how to get my daughter back to her home after she drove my car to my new home. I looked for a Honda dealer near that new home so that we could buy her that new car she needs. The closest dealer was 90 miles away! When I say boondocks, I mean boondocks!

So I made sure to take mine, a Honda Fit, to the dealer here for a good once over. It cost me a bundle, but I won't have to take it to a dealer for another year or more, or so I hope.

I'm moving to my hometown, where everyone knows how to spell my name! It's a trip, because my name is a Greek mouthful. I called the public utilities, the land records office, the cable company, and the bank, and not one of them needed me to spell my last name. I have not had that happen for more than forty years.

Writing this has NOT calmed my nerves, but thank you for reading it.


This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is car repair.


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