Essay: Bird Poop | A Freewrite Prompt

Some people in this world believe that if bird droppings hit someone then it is a sign of good luck. Bird droppings are symbolized as sustenance/money that suddenly falls from the sky. This of course makes no sense to some logical-minded people, but not to one of my friends. When we were still studying at a university, a lecturer for the urban sociology course once asked us to research the sociological conditions of the community in one of the traditional market areas as material for a group paper. Each group consists of four students. We plunged into the research field in the morning, by motorbike. The research location is not too far from campus, it only takes about 30 minutes to travel. My group and I spread out. If it goes according to plan, each of us will have to interview ten people from the community, including traders in the traditional market. The method is recording and filling out the question form. About an hour later, my group and I began to gather at the location we had set, however, one of us had yet to appear. We rushed to find him. I happened to be the one who first found my friend. At that time, he was in a birdhouse. You know, maybe it's funny, but I found him there, right under the birdcage. He waited for the birds to defecate above his head. He was sure that the more bird droppings that fell on him, the more money he would get. I really wanted to laugh at first, but when he explained through tears why he was behaving so strangely, my heart just shattered into pieces. He's even been forced to eat rice mixed with sugar for the past two weeks, because his family's economic condition is under pressure so they can't afford to buy side dishes. The pressure had made him think illogically. When I offered him a meal at one of the stalls in the area, I just found out, as long as the birds defecate above his head, during that time he also prayed that the luck he was asking for would go to his parents. You know, about seven after we graduated college, I discovered that my friend had become one of those young politicians with a brilliant career | provoked by 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: bird poop


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