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Recently, I am into reading comics. I actually love reading story books more but every time I opened a book I couldn't seem to finish. By the time I got back to it again, I needed to read the previous chapters again.


One day, I saw my brother reading comic via phone and my eyes opened. The graphics were amazing and he suggested me some stories and said I could read in free time. I downloaded the app called Webtoon and chose the topic around sci-fi, action, romance, comedy, thriller and fantasy. My brother couldn't believe me that I actually love action and thriller genre too. I just love the different scenarios of the story or plot. What brilliant authors and artists. Let me shared the 5 scenarios I had read so far...



Photo is taken from unsplash.com, captured by Asa Lesperance

A lady who had lost her parents in car crash had since become lonesome, clinging only to her neighbour, a handsome man. She also had lost her memory in the crash eventhough she survived. But one day, before her sleep, she wished for not a lonely life anymore and suddenly a huge egg appeared in front of her, out came the egg a handsome naked man. Could this be her companion? Could him help her ease her loneliness. When the man started to talk, he exclaimed, "Mummy, mummy, I miss you?" He acted like a newborn baby.

Freaking Romance


Photo is taken from unsplash.com, captured by Freestocks

A lady who was thrown out of her house by his ruthless father, she ended with no much money left. Needed to be thrifty, she ended renting an apartment who was said to be haunted. What seem to be a ghost was a handsome man. Loving thrills, she decided to stay on to discover more about this handsome ghost. Ironically, she found out she could only see him at certain day certain point. One day, she decided to touch the ghost and he just immediately bursted into pieces. What happened?

Age Matter


Photo is taken from unsplash.com, captured by Martin Reisch

A woman approaching his 30th birthday was literally shattered when her fiancée broke up with her over a new famous chat application called Lime. Yup, just one message to break off. Ashamed to go home, she stayed with her friend for awhile, her friend so happened worked with a millionaire 23 years old young boss who started Lime. Deep in her heart, she actually disliked this type of successful boss because she felt belittled. Her own problem. But she ended became his secretary.

True Beauty


Photo is taken from unsplash.com, captured by Amy Shamblen

Being bullied all her life because she doesn't look pretty, she decided to master the art of extreme make-up with stickers for double eye-lid and etc. She also changed school and in this new school, she used her new identity - the prettiest girl in town (with the make-up on of course). A handsome dude met her in her real face in comic shop and fell in love with her true beauty - kindness and goodness. He thinks she is beautiful with or without make-up. Will she dare to show her real self or always hide within the make-up?

Reflection of the Soul


Photo is taken from unsplash.com, captured by Yeshi Kangrang

A lady who was fearful to look at herself at mirror due to past abuse and bullied met a popular artist at high school who had always been doing what pleased others and never had freedom of own. They shared the same kind of loneliness in the soul. Both attempted suicide before but were lucky to be saved on time. And they are on the journey of beautiful friendship to each discover own's courage to face life, to do life and the passion they want.

Photos included here have nothing to do with the comic. I am not sure should I screenshot and share, so I just took any related picture from unsplash.com.

If you are interested with the above stories, you can find them at Webtoon app. I hope I described the stories well, you know, I am not a good author, I am a good reader.




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