A Farewell to the year

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Clinging to the hands of the clock,
Farewell, we say, to a season elapsing;
Farewell to its outdated stock,
Never more to see its exhausted being.

Farewell, we say, to the mean moments
That quenched our hopeful fires;
Farewell to the persistent torments
As we cast our pains into bonfires.

Farewell, we say, to lost chances,
To regretful mistakes and closed doors;
Farewell to dysfunctional romances,
To depressive times and unsettled scores.

Farewell to dreary days spent ailing
And cold nights of clanging teeth;
Farewell to hours opposed to healing,
Farewell to the rotteness and filth.

365 wraps of fear, failure and old age
We entomb in the belly of history,
As we flip open a blank page
To try writing again a better story.

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