Mariannewest 5 minutes freewrite | Prompt: Blue bicycle

My entry to one of the oldest challenge on hive. Freewriter! hosted by @mariannewest, a five minute freewrite challenge.


Up in the mountain, he arose.
He looked at the city, felt awesome within him.
He looked for a while, closed his eyes before coming down.
He wanted to draw but the vision was blurry.
He went up again, looked at particular area of the city with much blue lights, close his eyes before rapidly jumping down.
He staggered before laying hands on his pen and paper, began to sketch.
He sketch wisely, counted 1 to 5 before opening his eyes.
He felt so awesome, honored by the outcome by dancing to the tones in his mind.
He climbed up quickly, positioned the drawing before the city to match it saying "Waw! The city lights is like a blue bicycle"......

Time up for me

I hope you like my short story?
Yeah, more will be posted in this challenge.
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