Alive with this fate


Not everyone is having the same comfort zone which you add to having. Yesterday I had decided to go shopping and instead of reaching destination via car I chose to view the actual surroundings and people with my eye requested my brother for riding the bike. I am not cursing the government of Pakistan for this, as funds are being issued but not used appropriately by the Sindh government. The issue is all associated with political power. Karachi is the vast and most populated city of Pakistan. No doubt it's supporting half of the population of Pakistan.

It's true that in Karachi no one sleeps hungry as it's too supportive.


The cheapest city indeed. I would be sharing more details in my travel blog maybe be vlog hehe
So what I saw was heartbreaking, when the people are sleeping on the sideways s. Sleep never views the place.
One of the Sufi poet poets;
Sleep doesn't see the bed and hunger never views the ingredients.

They were not being disturbed due to the noise. I felt bad for them. Many of them are labor workers who are doing day-night jobs to send money to their families because families are completely dependent upon them. Their faces had wrinkles, indicating how many times they have showcased the fake smile just to make the others alive. Red eyes may be having the pain. Once I was traveling and my luggage was additional.


I saw an old person heading toward me. He was labor. I labor not to put more burden on him, thereby taking 2 bags and giving him only one. After a little bit of conversation, I asked him about his life. He glowed and said I am supporting my wife and daughter. I asked him about his son. He replied he doesn't belong to me. I brought him up and now he has repudiated his parents. the daughter is divorced and now she along with a kid is living with me. Daily basis I had some bucks to lighten the candle of life. But his health was not good. He replied amusingly that my better half says you are still young lol.

I hesitated to ask more as I was feeling ashamed that the person my father is carrying my luggage. But he told me it's his routine and you are paying me for this endeavor So don't feel guilty for this it's my daily job. 5 minutes journey ended. His life had all the miseries but still, he neither cursed anyone for this. He was aptitude to the Lord who blessed him with a daughter who is serving them in old age.


It was his luck that he had this endless effort instead of having peace in old age. But in fact, he was not allowing his family to die when he had the energy in his body. He did what he was trained to do following religion. Begging is a curse. I found young ones pretending to be deserving but these prove your help. Don't hesitate to pay them extra if you have.

Convulsive thoughts;

Sorry If I distracted from the track but my thoughts all related to the observation one is not satisfied with life see the people who are lower than you( I am not pointing to the inequality or discrimination) rather the one having the fewer blessings.

  • People are dying because of hunger and you are throwing the leftover food in the bin.
    Think about others, if you don't tolerate this nowadays may somehow still also become your fate.

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