I made an Orange Vampire and Changed my Program Used


It's been more than a week since a touched my graphic tablet to draw and my hands have forgotten how to move. Most of the time my hands labor on typing histopathological reports, using a blade to cut, or write something by hand.


It's been a series of days where I got drowned working with formalin. The challenge is trying to keep the creative side from not dying like.

I installed SAI v2 recently and wanted an excuse to finally use it. Compared to GIMP, the drawing experience was a several times improvement. GIMP had functions I needed to do complex digital art manipulation but I'm not that skilled to even use those yet. SAI was more beginner friendly and what I was originally more comfortable with sketching.


It's the stabilizer feature of the program that lets me control my shaky hands. Now it feels like I can finally do calligraphy without cursing how lag and insensitive my potato laptop can be at times with GIMP.

Anemic Orange vampire came to mind as I didn't have anything else to describe how pale the character looks. Originally I just wanted to practice layers, coloring, line art, and generally the basics I have skipped. It was more tedious to learn and relearn again and I appreciate how much I have lost not doing the fundamentals.



I didn't fix the minor details such as hair and highlights as I was just forcing myself to be in a creative mood trying to finish something I started. It's more along the lines of trying to break a habit of abandoning a work before completion. And I still ended up half assing the job. Well I don't know how to fix those yet so there's that excuse to work with.

Enough ramble and will just test new stuff with SAI. I think I'll be sticking to SAI now and comeback to GIMP when I get better.

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If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator. My Instagram and DeviantArt.

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