SomeHow, SomeWhat

Have you ever felt like your energy getting sucked?

I'm experiencing a memory-loss, or is that what happens when you multitask?

I'm not too proud of my work today...
I was supposed to call it (SomeHow, SomeWhere) but, let me explain
In a nutshell, the sirens in my head were doing too much noise this month
I feel stuck somewhere in the middle of somewhere else, and I do need help

I'm not too proud of my work today...

Clearly, I haven't done a very good job on this track, so yes I failed because I didn't feel that "Stuck! Help!" vibe in it so I'm not yet relieved

I usually never share a music track (I) don't like, in fact, I have years worth of music I did not and will probably never share, this is my goal with my music and why I actually do it;
Relief, take shit off my chest, say what I want (it does speak, believe me)

So why would I decide to share this one if it doesn't "Speak" for me?
Well, because... I'm "Stuck" and sharing it might "Help"
If you follow me and pay attention to my blogs, or if you know me personally
You'd know why I don't share much (Look at the Time-Gap between every music post of mine) so one more time... I'm stuck. Help.

(...Let the music speak now before I repeat myself again like I always do...)

@stayten was here, I speak in music, and unusual-looking images
I'm not an Artist, I'm an Experiment.


(SomeHow, SomeWhat) - Music & Artwork Created By Me: @stayten

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