Trippy Thursday - Old Demon Deer

Here is an old demon deer for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
This poor demon deer has been hunted by a species of aliens as a trophy for their spaceship interior design.

Demon deer are an extra special trophy for the alien hunters as they tend to glow more during hyperspace jumps and add some extra energy boost to the warp drive.

Demon deer hair is also a rare material that is used in courtship for the alien hunters. This fur coat is so soft and shiny that any alien hunter can attract a female if they wear this to one of their courtship festivals on their home planet.

There is a catch to keeping the demon deer contained on the wall of their ship. They have to use special magic and power symbols to keep it trapped on the wall. If the sacred geometry of the symbol is broken the demon can escape and start possessing the aliens.

Deer are the most common thing this type of demon inhabits but they can easily jump to any other form of life, including the alien hunters. This is the demon in its true form, just a collection of different static energies that can hijack the neural network of living creatures.

A special 3d printed gravity plate is also needed to keep the demon's electric composition contained within magnetic fields. Sometimes the geometric symbols aren't enough to keep the demon trapped. If they get past the geometric symbol this plate will eject the demon out into space before it can possess anyone.

Once trapped correctly the demon deer can also be used as an energy force to power personal forcefields. This is highly useful to the hunter aliens when they try and get dinosaur trophies from the lava planet. Many of the dinosaurs can shoot dangerous spikes and these forcefields block them.

This is the bolo trap that was used to catch the demon deer in the first place. The alien hunters throw these at the feet of the deer to trap him first.

Once trapped the deer is placed into a harvesting chamber that peels apart the demon from the deer. Sadly this process rarely saves the deer. On the rare occasion where the deer survives it is let go on Earth to scare the silly humans out of their mind.

Here is one that survived the extraction process. It still has some of the demon energy left in it making its eyes glow in the dark. The hunter aliens are laughing their asses off at the humans that encounter this thing in the forest.

Happy #trippythursday :-)

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