Trippy Thursday - Interdimensional Demon Chat Room

Here are a couple interdimensional demons for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
The demon on the left is from the dimension of light and the one on the right is from the dimension of darkness.

They often chat with each other via an interdimensional app to trade insults on how nice their dimension is and how much better they are than each other. The chat can get pretty fiery and electrified. Fortunately they can only meet in real life on Earth in South Side Chicago, but neither of them want to go their ever lol.

Their online avatars look really fancy with all their filters but in real life they are just normal office drone demons with day jobs. The fiery demon isn't that fiery and could stand to lose a few pounds.

The light demon is a bit older and getting creaky in the joints. But he presents himself as a young electrified demon on the interdimensional interwebz.

This is the portal they chat through and of course beelzebub himself monitors all the communications through his app and sells the data to the demon called Zuck on the earthly dimension who then sells it to another demon called Xi. What these two skinsuit demons do with the data who knows, but its a profitable grift for old beelzebub...

Many interlocking wormholes through various universes patch together the app's blockchain. The only way to stop the blockchain is if there is a Carrington Event that happens at the exact same time in all the universes. So the demons have no worries about losing connection during their online trolling sessions.

There are AI censors that try and block various insults on the demon blockchain but they are usually a couple centuries behind on the lingo of the day. They are only checking for Latin curse words and haven't upgraded into the preferred insult language of day, English.

Oh no, the day has finally arrived where the Carrrington Event is simultaneously happening across all dimensions. Now all the interweb addicted demons will fall into a deep depression and will have to go outside and take a walk in the real world.

Happy #trippythursday :-)

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