The Floating Donut. [+Process]


Hi guys, i'm back after a little time away from the computer and technologies in general. But here it is, this is an artwork i did some time ago!
There's also the whole process through illustrator and photoshop.
Sometimes i like to picture things stopped in time, like a fragment of an accident. This was the idea behing the floating donut, a delicious treat that will eventually hitting the ground and you'll not want to eat that.
I hope you enjoy the whole process i prepared.
Let me know what you think about it!


Step 1:
i did the 3d model in illustrator, you can see the grid of the model in the first frame.

Step 2:
I started to lighting up the donut, so i could understand how i would sprinkle the top...

Step 3:
Look how i gave distance and width just by blurring some grains in different sizes.

Step 4:
I always like to think that there are several sources of light in a scene, so i paint some flares and use a light flow to look like it's floating in a crowded place, in a place with more things happening...

Step 5:

Step 6:
I give the whole piece one temperature and a feel. you can see things almost shining at the end.

And this is how i created the floating donut.

Thank you for watching!

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