the truth in your heart | Drawing dedicated to all people who stay true to themselves

After a long pause, I'm back.

It was a really overwhelming period of working nonstop on some different projects, and also overcoming intense challenges, which usually tend to be unforeseen.😄

Caught in all the tasks and events that happened to me, I did not have time to create something that was not a project for the client. But the necessity was there, and finally, when I had a little time, I created this digital drawing.

I guess many of you have experienced meeting a person for the first time and being able to see the truth in their heart. This is what I wanted to represent with this artwork. As over the years I've learned to trust and also sharpen those senses. That strong extrasensory perception of others energies. This helped me not only with personal relationships, but also with work. Most of the people I work with are passionate individuals, who similar to me, follow their heart and do what they know the best, and most of them even become very good friends of mine. I want to support people who share my values and share the idea that this world does need changes, and we have to support those changes. Every little action counts, even no action is an action... So I guess for me it's not only important what I do, but also with whom.

There are 3 editions of this artwork available @nftshowroom


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